Brazilian Club

Club Mission and Statement:

To unite students of different ethnicity by promoting the Brazilian culture throughout the school. Members have an opportunity to share and educate themselves about many aspects of Brazilian culture such as the language, festivals, events, history, tradition, music, etc.


Sponsor: Ms. Anete Lobo

President: Thomas Toole

Vice-President: Victoria Campos

Secretary:  Nina Wood & Soha Nassery

Historian/Webmasters: Sofia De Furia

Treasurer: Diogo Guarita

Membership Requirements

Unweighted 2.0 GPA

No more than 1 referral for behavior

Commitment and dedication

Fill out the Member Form


$10.00 annually (via OSP)   

Meeting Dates/Times

Every third Thursday of the month @ 2:30pm

Emergency meetings will be announced as needed

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