Dual Enrollment

General Information

Dual Enrollment (DE) allows qualified students to enroll in college courses through local and state colleges and universities while still in high school.  Credit earned through DE can be used towards fulfillment of a high school graduation requirement and can also be used as college credit.  Students who qualify may enroll in a college course, and the tuition and textbook cost is waived. No transportation is available. Students can only take courses after regular school hours, in addition to the courses they are enrolled in at their high school. In order to qualify for dual enrollment, students must have a 3.0 unweighted grade point average (GPA) and meet all the college/university criteria for admission. All M-DCPS senior high schools offer DE opportunities.

 Reporting Course Credits and Grades to the High School Transcript for Dual Enrollment Course

  • The postsecondary institution records dual enrollment courses and grades to the official postsecondary transcript and provides end-of-term grade reports.
  • The postsecondary institution specifies dates by which students are permitted to drop a course without penalty, known as “drop/add.”


  • If a student drops within this approved timeframe, the dual enrollment course is not recorded to the postsecondary transcript.
  • If the student withdraws after the college “drop/add” deadline, the postsecondary transcript will indicate a “W” or an “F” code for the course(s), depending on the date of withdrawal during the term.

Please visit your academic guidance counselor for more information.


Go to FIU’s Dual Enrollment website to learn all about dual enrollment and get your questions answered. 

Eligibility Requirements

Miami-Dade College

Go to MDC’s Dual Enrollment website to learn all about dual enrollment and get your questions answered. 

Eligibility Requirements

University of Florida

Eligibility Requirements

  • 3.6 unweighted cumulative GPA
  • SAT: 1100
  • PSAT: 1130
  • ACT: 22
  • Approved by High School Counselor
  • Junior or Senior