Project UP-START

1-877-994-HELP (4357)

Project Up-Start Community Resource Guide
Please review the attached Miami-Dade County Public Schools Project Up-Start Resource Guide. It is designed to give our students and families support in a variety of areas during uncertain times.  Recently updated for COVID19.  every area of possible need. 

Unstable Housing:
Are you facing an unstable housing situation? 
Project UP-START provides additional support services to any student who is currently experiencing unstable housing. This includes students who are sharing housing with family or friends out of hardship, students living in temporary shelters, public places, or in a hotel/motel.

If your family is living in any unstable housing situations, please complete the Project UP-START Student Eligibility Questionnaire (FM-7378) and submit it to your child’s school. Once the completed form is received, your child will be registered into Project UP-START and will be eligible to receive additional support services to improve his/her attendance and achievement.