PTSA Accomplishments

  1. Our PTSA won 7 awards from the Miami Dade Council PTA this past May
  2. Awarded 2020-2022 National PTSA School of Excellence (August)
  3. 2021 Phoebe Apperson Hearst Merit Winner for family engagement (only three in the nation) August
  4. MBSH awarded Gold STEAM designation for 2021-22 by Miami Dade Public Schools (August).
  5. The Beautification Committee close to breaking ground on our new beautiful patio

MBSH PTSA Fundraising Highlights:

What we Fund with your donations


  • $80,000 new Computers (PTSA raised $40,000 and negotiated a $40,000 match by MDCPS)
  • $30,000 Teacher Grants
  • $25,000 Athletics
  • $10,000 Beautification
  • $6,000 STEAM Science Competitions
  • $10,000 Student Support (tutoring, graduation, membeam, turn it in
  • $5,000 Security Booth
  • $4,000 New Website Redesign
  • $4,500 Security and Custodial Golf Cart
  • $1,500 Bathroom Beautification Project


  • Computer carts (Give Miami Day Fundraiser)
  • Teacher Classroom Grants (Art Basel Fundraiser)
  • Teacher Grants (Uniform Store Sales)
  • New Student Lunch Tables in Patio
  • Computer carts for testing
  • New Patio Project


  • Teacher support from General Fundraising
  • Uniform Sales fundraising (supported School Programs, Student and Teacher needs)
  • Carryover from Patio Project
  • Donations
  • PTSA Membership


  • School Uniform Store sold $70,000 that is being used to fund teacher grants, school  improvements and school needs.
  • Safety Committee conducted monthly perimeter walks with police and AP’s, identified and repaired broken gates, doors, and locks through out the campus.
  • Strengthen Partnership between school board, MDCPS and the school administration resulting in the installation of  alarms on Building 7 exterior doors.  Parking lots lights were repaired, trees trimmed for better visibility in early mornings and nightfall.
  • Worked with Administration to enforce Uniform ID Policy performing entry gate ID checks.
  • Mental Health Fair was a huge success for our students bringing all types of vendors to teach students amazing mental and emotional stress-free tips!  This event was a district model.
  • Hosted the First Annual Prom Bazaar to give away prom attire to students donated by our Hi-Tide community.
  • Secured funding for a new Scoreboard for the Football Field through a donation from the Miami Dolphins Education Foundation, City Of Miami Beach and MDCPS.
  • Funded the purchase of new 30 new computers and 30 printers and a 3D  printer totaling $26,000. 
outside courtyard

Campus Beautification Project

Construction for the Patio Beautification Project started March of 2022 expected completion is late summer 2022.  This is possible being funded in partnership with the City of Miami Beach and PTSA. 

uniform shirts

Resources for Students 

Awarded $30,000 in grants including:  New uniforms for the boys and girls Track Team, Water Polo and Swim Teams, Football Team, Girls Basketball, Flag Football and Soccer Team, Teacher printers, baseball pitching machine, debate tournaments and more. We are thrilled to have given so much to our students and teachers this year.

before and after

Teacher Lounge Improvement

Funded, designed and decorated the new and improved Teachers’ Lounge 

MBSH Marching Band

Secured funding and partnership to build the MBSH Marching Band.  Funding will provide uniforms, instruments, and support staff.