12th Grade Great Books

12th grade summer reading

GREAT BOOKS HONORS: Contemporary Literature focused on Multicultural Literature and Women’s Literature

Text: Farming of Bones (98) by Danticat, Edwidge January 1, 2003

Before commencing your careful but leisurely reading, go to the website below and the author’s interview with Haitian-American Novelist on “The Immigrant Artist at Work”:

First of all, read this GREAT novel for pleasure, marking it up with sticky notes or marginal notes or just simply reading in dedicated blocks of time. Once you have finished your reading, please complete the following assignment for the opening of school.

  1. • Select FIVE quotes, one quote from each part of The Farming Of Bones that illuminate the meaning of the work as a whole (themes). Select quotes with evocative language.
  2. • Write a short commentary (500- 750 words) on the significance of each selected quote. Successful commentaries will be marked by attention to not only the question of WHAT is said but to that of HOW it is said(e.g., voice or point-of-view, language, devices).
  3. • Type up your work. 12 pt font. Double spaced. Times New Roman. Number your quotes, cite your quotes correctly, and type up each commentary below each quote.
  4. • These quotes will serve as the basis for a Socratic Seminar on The Farming of Bones during the first week of school .

I look forward to seeing you all in August and to a year of GREAT BOOKS.