Community Service

Check the number of Community Service Hours you have!

Community Service Hours are a component of high school graduation requirements and some scholarships!

Community Service must be with NON-PROFIT organizations.

  • 10 Hours are required for:
    • Graduation
  • 75 Hours are required for:
    • Medallion Level of Florida Bright Futures scholarship
    • MDCPS Superintendent’s Diploma of Distinction
  • 100 Hours are required for:
    • Academic Level of Florida Bright Futures scholarship
    • International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma.

Submit your completed Community Service Hours Form to your counselor.

Great site, simple as well. It has helpful hints for creating your own community service project and information about specific causes happening around the world. This website is very interactive and you can read what people have done and also comment on other projects.