Field Trips

All students must comply with MBSH’s uniform policy while on field trip unless otherwise specified by the guidelines of the field trip invitation (If it is a business event, students will be required to be in business attired)

  • All students must be in compliance with FM-7155
  • Signed FM-7155 must be submitted for all participants with field trip packet
  • Date(s) of trip may not conflict with testing calendar
  • Students participating may not miss courses required to pass EOC or FSA ELA (especially retakers)

M-DCPS Code of Student Conduct procedures outlined in the Code apply to all students in grades K-12. The Code is in force during regular school hours, while being transported on a school bus, and at school-sponsored events, field trips, athletic functions, and other activities where school administrators have jurisdiction over students.

Approved school volunteers can serve as chaperones for Region approved field trips and functions. All chaperones must successfully complete the volunteer registration and background check screening process. The volunteer registration process can be found at: Chaperones should be approved by the School Volunteer Office prior to being added to the Field Trip Chaperone Roster.

Requests for in-county field trips should be processed a minimum of three (3) weeks prior to the scheduled date of the trips with final approval or disapproval being granted by the school principal. Three weeks allows for approval time and ability to set up OSP for collection of monies.

In-House Field Trips

All In-House field trips must be requested using the In-House Field Trip Form. This form must be submitted 3 weeks prior to date of activity.  Upon approval, all students participating in the trip must be given a In-House Field Trip Student Permission Slip. Participating students must secure signatures from all teachers and return the slips to the Faculty/Sponsor.   Faculty/Sponsor must take attendance at the beginning of the event and submit a copy These field trip form and student permission slips will be returned to the Activities’ Office room 306.