Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

To maintain a safe and orderly arrival for all our students, we ask that you be courteous and patient with others.

Students who take buses will be dropped off in the bus loop and will enter through the front of the school. 

Students who are dropped off should be dropped off on Prairie Avenue in the appropriate drop-off lane. Security will be outside to assist in this process. Do not stop, park, or get out of your vehicle to open your car’s trunk or doors as this creates a safety hazard and delays traffic in the area. Your child must gather all their belongings and exit the car quickly and safely on the passenger side (right-hand side).

There are three bells, at 7:10, 7:15, and 7:20. Students will be moved to class at the 7:15 bell to ensure an on-time start of school at 7:20.

Late students will be sent to their classes, and the teacher will mark them tardy. If a student arrives after 8:00 am, they must get a pass to be allowed into class.

During arrivals, please be courteous to drivers dropping off their children. Do not cut anyone off or skip parents who have been patiently waiting in line.

The student parking lot is closed at 7:20 every morning and it does not open again at 2:20. Students who have OJT or internships must register and park in the faculty lot. They will have an assigned spot and can only leave during their designated periods.

Arrival During Inclement Weather

During inclement weather, arrival procedures will be modified for the safety of our students. The administration will determine at what time teachers should mark students tardy when weather may be the issue for the students’ tardies.

As you can imagine, traffic will be heavy during the morning when it is raining. Please allow ample time for your child to arrive at school on time and follow the established procedures to assist us in maintaining a safe and orderly arrival for all students and staff.

Dismissal Procedures

To ensure the safety of our students, the following procedures have been established according to the needs of the student body and the ability of school personnel to concur with these needs. Dismissal activities should be accomplished within a few minutes following dismissal time.

The bell rings at 2:20, and students are dismissed at that time. Students who take buses are to go directly to their bus so that they do not miss their bus. Students should exit campus immediately unless they are staying after for a club, activity, sports, or tutoring.

* During dismissal, you may not stop your car at any point. Please do not stop your car in the middle of the street to pick up any students. There is no parking allowed on the neighboring swale area along Prairie Avenue.

Dismissal During Inclement Weather

It is critical for our students to know and understand plans for rainy day dismissal. In the event severe weather strikes before or during the school day, for your child’s safety, please discuss in advance with your child what you wish him/her to do if it rains during dismissal.