Stage Crew

The sponsor/director for this elite group is Fine Arts Dept Technical Consultant Mr Michael ‘Mac’ McNamee. The MBSH Auditorium has become a second home for the MBSH Auditorium Stage Crew, and it’s where all the magic happens. The Auditorium Stage Crew is composed of a select group of dedicated members who are the backbone for all auditorium events. Members are involved with providing lighting and sound as well as moving scenery and handling properties (props) for all productions, such as assemblies, ceremonies, holiday shows and concerts.


This application (file below) is for all members; new and former.

Along with the 8 pages in the application, please print another 7 pages–or less depending on how many teachers you have–of page 7 for each of your teachers. If you have the same teacher for multiple periods, a single page is all that’s needed for that teacher. Just indicate the periods at the bottom of the page.

Pages 2 & 6 should be turned in to Mr McNamee ASAP.

The teacher survey (page 7) should be given to your teachers and then returned to you to give to Mr McNamee, or placed in Mr McNamee’s mailbox by your teacher. The remaining pages are for your reference.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr McNamee at or in room 311, ext 2311.

We’ll be having our first meeting at the end of September. Members will be notified the exact date via the WhatsApp group chat.

Looking forward to a great year!